The goal of our Montessori program is not to prepare your child for first grade. The goal of our program is to prepare your child to discover his or her place in our global society. We support the child during a vital period of development, when the child’s natural love of learning and discovery have the possibility of becoming a way of life. Our program is the first step in creating responsible citizens who feel empowered to change the world, with the regard for the people and land around them to do so respectfully.


Our program is created for children aged 2 1/2- to 6-years-old.

  • We work with the natural ability of children this age to absorb their surroundings. Language, both written and spoken, is everywhere in the classroom. Great care is made by the adults to only model behavior that would be appropriate for the children to replicate.
  • Children develop through sensitive periods where, in the right moment, learning is rapid and a delight. During these periods children strive to establish an internal sense of order, to organize sensory information received everyday, to master the language(s) spoken around them, and to bring their physical bodies under their control. Our program has concrete materials and knowledgable adults to support the acquisition of these essential skills during vital and fleeting developmental periods.
  • Children of this age are seeking functional independence: Tying their own shoes, cleaning their own messes, solving their own conflicts, and choosing their own means of discovery. Our program will offer ample time and support, guiding them to be masters of themselves and keepers of their environment.


Our Approach

We strive to follow traditional, globally proven guidelines (see Montessori tradition) with an open mind, creating a unique community in partnership with our families.

What This Looks Like

Schedule a tour of our classroom, and we heartily encourage you to do so, you will see children freely moving around our room, limited only by reasonable social and safety boundaries. These children choose work on their own and take it to tables and rugs to work with for as long as they wish.

The Environment

Following the Montessori tradition, our school is a Casa di Bambini, or Children’s House. Whether your child is with us for our morning work period or stays with us through the entire day, with our extended hours (7:30am to 6pm) and beautiful space, we are a safe, comfortable place for your child. 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm available to children between the ages of 4 - 6.

The environment is set up with precision and attention to detail so unexpected discovery and creative adventure can happen inside its safe container. The materials are designed to continually build on each other, allowing children to find patterns and making each new, exciting work reassuringly familiar. This method of indirect preparation builds on previous skills, ensuring each child’s future success in working with increasingly difficult materials.

Social birth cared for through grace and courtesy lessons that establishes respect and willingness to work with the people around you.

Through the four areas of the classroom, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, children are given sensorial, concrete exploration of using, reading, and writing the English language. Counting, writing, and performing basic operations with numbers. caring for their own selves and their environments, organizing the sensorial experiences and getting precise language to describe and relate to their surrounding environments. activities that draw them into concentration and use their bodies in controlled purposeful ways.

High quality art materials with careful demonstration are provided for imagination and expression to flourish. Children are exposed to science through interacting with the natural materials such as glass, wood, metal, cloth that fill the classroom. Experiments with magnets, water, and magnification are provided along with real activities such as baking and gardening. Introductions to geography, botany, and zoology are provided through interactive activities, maps, books, and pictures.


At any time the guide is engaged in giving one on one lessons, carefully observing students, and keeping records of children’s interests and skills to make plans for future lessons.

All adults in the classroom are highly trained. All Primary guides have their AMI or AMS diploma, attend yearly trainings, and present courses to the parent community. Classroom assistants receive continuing training in Montessori philosophy and materials.