To empower our children and the people who surround them to live in peace and service to the world.

This is the world we want to create and the world that we work for every day at Lighthouse Montessori school. We hope this is a world you are also excited to be part of creating.


We believe… and so we…
Children can change the world collaborate across our parent/teacher community
  practice Montessori, Positive Discipline, & Nonviolent Communication everyday
Children have an innate desire to learn actively partner with them in their learning
  meet them where they are & intentionally guide them towards self-fulfilment
Social & emotional development is the foundation for learning practice compassion & conflict resolution
  connect with the children in every interaction

Simple Rules

Simple Rules lead to congruence in complex systems, like Schools :). These are the rules that guide our decisions.

1. Listen with curiosity

Instead of making our own assumptions, in times of conflict and celebration.

2. Wait and watch

We are aware & responsive, yet we give the space needed for trial and error to unfold.

3. Move towards each other

We share our experiences when they are great and when they are hard. We choose connecting in all our states because we believe vulnerability builds trust and community.

4. Search for the true need

We understand that humans are most resilient and open when their basic and core needs are fulfilled. When we see big emotions, we will look with compassion for the basic needs they point towards.