Week of 10/19

Hello Parents,

From now on I’ll be sending out a weekly email, usually on Fridays or at some point during the weekend if I happen to be in the classroom on Fridays.

The Chinook Book sale and For Small Hands fundraisers are still happening. The deadline for group orders is this Thursday, the 23rd. This Friday is the Halloween Crafternoon!

Karissa will be out of the classroom on Thursday and Friday, so Kevin and I will be covering for her. Brecca will have an observer in the classroom as a part of her Montessori Guide training on Friday. Also the dishwasher broke this last week and a repair person will be in the classroom sometime during Friday afternoon.

The Parent Ed that was planned for this weekend will be postponed due to Karissa being out of town.


What Do P. Diddy, Sergey Brin, and Peter Drucker Have In Common?

Ever wondered where Montessori alumni end up? Here are some people you’ll probably recognize that went through Montessori education…

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Montessori Education Is a Movement

Ways We Support the Movement


Through our blog, links to other websites, books, articles, and other resources we direct people towards information on Montessori education.

Parent Education Nights

Offered once a month, these nights enable parents to know their children from a developmental standpoint, acquire tools to get through challenging times, and get ideas for setting up the home environment.

Adding to Seattle’s Montessori Community

We talk to other Montessori schools, administrators, and teachers. This way we can compare professional insights and continue positive relationships. We support other schools in their events and fundraisers. We believe the more Montessori schools the better!!

Karissa would like to personally thank the directors of these three great schools for supporting her in her quest to open her own school, through Student Teaching opportunities, employment opportunities, and continued mentorship and guidence.

Check out these great schools: Pacific Crest Montessori School Northwest Montessori School Three Tree Montessori School

Support and Promote the International Movement

Montessori is happening all around the world! The Association Montessori International, set up by Maria Montessori herself, has high standards for the schools it accredits. We also have these standards and we want to prove to parents and other professionals that we live up to our standards. For this reason, we will be working towards our AMI accreditation in the first few years of our existence. Anyone can have an AMI membership to keep up with and support this global phenomenon, please consider joining today!

Opening On Schedule With Occupancy Permit Established

Lighthouse Montessori School is on schedule to open January 3rd! The construction phase has been completed and our occupancy permit is established.

Many stages of construction have been accomplished including: the office, kitchen, and third bathroom. The second bathroom was remodeled and wood trim, doors, and 20 children’s cubbies were installed. With the help of friends, volunteers, and parents the painting was completed including four accent walls and ceramic tile flooring was installed throughout the school.

To insure the current energy codes, an electrical company was brought in to polish off the lights and electrical needs. With the setting of the gas meter, we were able to move along through the inspections for the gas pipe, electrical, plumbing, and into the final inspection for the entire construction. During these activities inside, the outside received a stone patio, sod, zen garden, trellis, fence, and a japanese tea house.

All the paper work has been turned in the the Washington State Department of Early Learning to bring us down the home stretch.

Furniture, shelves, and learning materials are being placed right now.

It is truly a building born of community interaction that cares, nurtures and shelters its users. A warm thank you goes out to all of those whom have brought us to this point.

There is a standing invitation to schedule a visit to tour Lighthouse Montessori School, just email or call Karissa to arrange a time.

New Walls Have Us Feeling Sunny

With the drywall installed, Lighthouse Montessori School is starting to take the shape of a nurturing classroom. The shadows of the old building have receded with the arrival and installation of new windows. The final touches of the fire safety requirements have been completed.

We are onto the next phases of construction and a host of activities will proceed. The most notable of these will be the inside framing of the office, kitchen and an ADA bathroom. Electrical and plumbing will be happening at this time as well.

Indeed things are looking as sunny inside as they are outside.

Lighthouse Montessori School is a building born of community interaction with the purpose of caring for and sheltering its users.

While our new walls were being put up, we were signing up new families. Five families have signed the parent contract and put down a deposit to hold their places in the school. The next seven families that sign the contract and put down a deposit will completely fill all spaces for the school year of 2011-2012.

Dont forget that on August 26th, the next Why Montessori: A Free Introduction for Parents will take place at the Ballard Library. This is a free class for anyone interested in knowing more about Montessori education. If you or a friend are interested, sign up today at: http://lighthousemontessori.com/parent_classes

Here is a view of the new windows and drywall with the framing materials ready to go! Framing Materials

Compare to previous walls. 0719111546

Out With The Old And In With The New

We just finished the last of the demolition at Lighthouse Montessori School. After taking out a wall and replacing it with posts, the whole room opened up and allowed for more visibility in every portion of the classroom. Extra bracing was installed on the ceiling joists to make the building safer and more earthquake resistant.

Cement was poured and walls were framed in preparation for the installation of dry wall.

Lighthouse Montessori School is truly becoming a nurturing building.

Upcoming landmarks to look forward to include:

  • the installation of new windows
  • the manufacturing of the Lighthouse Montessori School Sign for the front of the building
  • drywall installation.

We appreciate all of the help, support, and encouragement of each individual that has made Lighthouse Montessori School a material representation of loving community.


Freedom & Discipline

In the common usage, freedom and discipline are thought of as opposites. Freedom and discipline are considered to be intricately linked in Montessori education, one cannot exist without the other.

Freedom: A Supported Capacity of the Child

Freedom is the ability to pause and make a choice to the exclusion of all others. This is not simply a reaction, but a thought out choice. Through his / her experience, the child develops a knowledge of predictable consequences and is able to respond to those consequences. In Montessori philosophy, freedom is not something you can give to or take away from the child. Instead, freedom is a constantly expanding capacity that the child is creating internally.

A child is not free to chose something that he / she does not have the physical capacities to do. The Montessori environment is set up around the capabilities of the young child. A child has liberty to move around and speak to other children at will. The environment is designed with limits that set up a positive and safe range of available choices for the child. The child has complete liberty inside of these limits. These limits are most often built into the physical environment, not enforced verbally by an adult. These limits expand as the inner freedom and discipline of the child expand.

Discipline: An Internal Desire of the Child

In common usage, discipline is considered something that is done to someone else. This is not the case in Montessori. Discipline is a control generated from within the child. The child is developmentally driven to fit into his / her culture. Because of this, a child derives pleasure from identifying and demonstrating knowledge of the norms of his /her surroundings.

To support children in developing their own internal controls, the limits of the Montessori environment are consistent. The classrooms are a lab for children to discover the different social and physical reactions people and things have to their actions. Children get to experience the entire process of choosing to do an action, acting on that choice, seeing the results of that choice, and being responsible for those results. Children derive pleasure from participating discipline through this process.

The Role of the Guide: Facilitating the Process

The guide always ensures the safety of the people and materials in the room. Because freedom and discipline are still developing in the child, the guide is always available to provide assistance to any child that has stepped beyond his / her skills and needs help. The guide, through small group and individual lessons, makes the physical and social limits of the environment obvious to the children. From breaking down movements into very small pieces to giving assistance as a moderator of social conflicts, the Montessori guide is always aiming to assist the child in his / her development of internal freedom and discipline.

The Absorbent Mind

The absorbent mind is a universal characteristic of young children.It is unique to the first six years of life, The absorbent mind works unconsciously. Along with the sensitive periods, it motivates the child to seek out new experiences in the environment. The absorbent mind records these experiences in exact detail. The images the absorbent mind records are indelible, they will be with the child for the rest of his / her life.

Two Metaphors for How the Absorbent Mind Works

The Sponge

The absorbent mind works like a sponge. It absorbs as much as it can of anything with which it comes in contact. It has no destinations in what it absorbs.

The Camera

The absorbent mind takes in complete images that are fixed forever in the unconscious. There is no discrimination, it simply records that to which it is exposed. This is in contrast to the adult brain that stores things more like a painter, consciously choosing what details to include or omit. The adult mind only remembers what it notices or considers important.

Capabilities of the Absorbent Mind

The absorbent mind, in true Buddhist tradition, lives in the now. It is concerned only with its current chosen action and not the actions of the future. It is not a rational mind and often it does not make sense to the reasoning adult. The capabilities of the absorbent mind are expanding constantly, but much patience is needed for the rational adult.

Transition to the Reasoning Mind

In the development of the reasoning mind, the child will show points of consciousness. The child, in these moments, will have a conscious realization of a skill or piece of knowledge that he / she has attained. It is important not to mistake these moments for a full transition to the reasoning mind. The child will go in and out of the reasoning mind, until at last, the reasoning mind is fully formed around age 6.

The Result of the Absorbent Mind

Self-Construction: The child constructs every aspect of his / her individual personality through his / her own effort.

Adaptation: The child adapts completely to the particular culture and world he / she lives in by indelibly imprinting the raw material of his / her environment.

It provides a window into the child’s actions if one can ask; How does this action relate to self-construction and cultural adaptation?