If you’re interested go ahead and apply! Here’s how…

1. Get to know us

We have tours every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9:30a. Tours are between a 1/2 hour and an hour long and you can step into the Outdoor Environment afterwards to chat.

We’ll be looking at whether you are a good fit for our community and can make the commitments we expect of our parents. Of course, we expect you to be interviewing us as well. This is an important decision!

Get to Know our Parent Handbook

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2. Review parent contract

If you liked what you saw you’ll want to check out our Parent Contract to see what you’ll be agreeing to as a Lighthouse Montessori Parent. In it, we ask you to :

  • Choose and commit to a tuition schedule that works for you.

  • Commit to staying at Lighthouse Montessori through the Kindergarten year. Our Primary program is a three - four year curriculum, and we ask parents to commit to the full cycle leading up to 1st Grade in order to fully realize the benefit of a Montessori Primary education.

  • Commit to attending at least half of the parent education nights offered a year. By learning more about Montessori methods, we believe that you will be able to play a more active part in your child’s education.

Check Availability

Still Interested? Great! To officially get in line for a space:

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Because we usually fill up we use the order that you applied in to decide who gets in and what position you have on our waiting list. There is a $85 application fee.

Submit contract + deposit

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a space for you. (This might be when enrollment starts in the spring, right away, or when a new space opens up).

Once you have a space and you’re ready to make the commitment you will make the $600 deposit. $500 of this deposit will be applied to the tuition for your child’s Kindergarten year.

Congratulations, you've become part of the Lighthouse Montessori community!

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