The school has recently registered for the Amazon Associate and Amazon Smile programs. By using the link below to make purchases, the school can receive up to 6.5% of the total purchase!


  1. Follow the link to the Lighthouse Montessori Associate/Smile page. You must click on the link for the purchase to count towards Lighthouse Montessori. There won’t be anything on the page indicating it is the Lighthouse Montessori Associate page.
  1. Make your purchase within 24 hours of opening the link.
  1. You can only have one purchase session per link session.
  1. Lighthouse Montessori will receive between 4.5 and 6.5% of what you purchase and our total shipped items for the calendar month. The more you shop using the link the more the school will earn!

Please help support the school by shopping through the Lighthouse Montessori Amazon link.